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:-:  Armed Forces & Education  :-:
Regular army officers are trained in a military school in Kabul. There is a small air force, with bases at Bagram , Shindand, and Jalalabad. A secret police force was organized in the late 1970s.Currently there are no military structure or military education facility left as a result of the the internal warfare between former Mujahideen group during 1992 to 1996.

:-Education  :-:
Education was free at all levels, and elementary education was officially compulsory wherever it is provided by the state. Nonetheless, fewer than one-fourth of all Afghan children attended school. There was primary schools throughout the country but secondary schools only in the provincial and in some district centers. Less than one-fourth of the population is literate. Kabul University was founded in 1946 by the incorporation of a number of faculties, the oldest of which is the faculty of medicine, established in 1932. The University of Nangarhar was formed in Jalalabad in 1963. Under the rules of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from 1992 till 1996 and Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan 1996 till Today the education structure have was completely destroyed and none of theses government have tried to recover the lose in the field of education. The education system is currently in a very dire shape.
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